Sturdy Wood Cat Window Seat Perch Bed

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Cats adore window views. From kittens to elders, they love basking in the sunlight and observing outdoor life.

However, securing the perfect spot can be challenging, possibly causing injuries or curtain damage. The Bon cat window perch is the solution. It's a window-side shelf, offering a safe, comfy viewing platform. The Bon perch ensures your cat's comfort and style.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and soft window seat for cats of all sizes to sunbathe and watch outside.
  • Made from durable 15mm Baltic birch plywood for long-term use.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design to blend into your home decor.
  • Can hold any cat up to 40 lbs.
  • Easy and secure installation.
  • Includes a replaceable snap-button carpet mat in brown and ivory.
  • Felt pads on support legs protect your wall from scratches.
  • One-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Materials: Baltic birch plywood, carpet mat, metal brackets.


  • Perch: 23 3/4" (W) x 11 7/8" (D) x 3" (H)
  • Support Legs: 9 1/2" (L)
  • Distance between brackets: 17.0"


The perch can be fixed onto any window frame groove without drilling holes in the wall.

Step 1: Hang the perch onto the window frame groove using the metal brackets. Ensure at least a 2mm gap between the groove and the window and that the groove width is at least 18 inches.

Step 2: After attaching the perch, adjust the support legs with the screw knobs for a tight wall fit.

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