Set of Two Natural Wood Wall Tree Hex Houses

New       SHIPS FREE Set of Two Natural Wood Wall Tree Hex Houses

"These wall tree additions are perfect for mounting on the wall for your cat. They are made from poplar multilayered board with a naturally variegated surface. The durable wood surface makes these additions highly cat-friendly. The good looks of these wooden wall pieces make them unobtrusive, blending with your decor, and an elegant addition to the wall. With these cat shelves, your cats can climb up high, letting their instincts drive them to sleep high up where they feel most safe. The openings on these wall tree additions provide excellent air circulation while your cat is resting. The flat surface on the top provides yet another place to perch and sleep. This set is great for homes with multiple cats, providing various sleeping spaces.  With this wall series, the sky is the limit. You can fully leverage your imaginations to create a comfortable space for your furry friends and you.


  • Full Unit: 20""  (L) x 12"" (W) x 18"" (H)
  • Base: 10"" (L) x 12"" (W)
  • Front Hole Diameter: 14""
  • Side Hole Diameter: 7.5""
  • Gross Weight: 15.4 lbs.
  • Net Weight: 14.1 lbs.
  • Package Dimensions: 17.5"" (L) x 6.3"" (W) x 20.5"" (H)"

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