18 inch Escape Hatch - Wall Mounted for Cats

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Made by The Cat Mod, the Escape Hatch allows cats to easily maneuver about your wall mounted structure. This shelf can be added on to an existing complex, or used on its own.

-Hidden brackets create a beautiful floating design
-Allows cats to jump through the hole to gain height, or to exit the structure
-Can be added to your current setup, or used to begin a new one


18" Sisal-lined escape hatch
2 Mounting planks

Dimensions: Total Width: 18" Total Height: 3" Depth: 11"

*There are other pieces of furniture pictured with the shelf in this listing. Please note that all of the grayed out furniture does not come with the feeder. It's only in the listing to show that it can be connected to other Cat Mod complexes.

All Escape Hatches will come with Nickel brackets and can be purchased in Onyx, English Chestnut or Unfinished wood. This can be connected onto any of our Cat Mod collections or added as a standalone addition. Get creative by mixing our add-on items and sets!

We're excited to introduce the Cat Mod, the second generation of our fabric cat complexes. When creating the Cat Mod, we made sure to maintain all the positive aspects of our original collection of cat hammocks and complexes, such as strength, appearance, and quality, while also adding some new and exciting features that elevate it from the original collection.

Our new patent-pending system has a lot of great advantages, including its washable cotton canvas. This system allows you to remove the fabric from the structure without having to take down any of the mounted planks from your wall. Not only will this make cleaning a breeze, but it will allow you to continue to build the structure at your leisure. This gives you the option of switching out canvas fabric colors down the road.

The mounting hardware is no longer visible when our hammocks and complexes are mounted on the wall, giving the planks an attractive "floating" look.

Another great feature is that these complexes are modular; you can build any design you dream up. The Cat Mod system is like the building blocks you used as a kid in the sense that we created it to allow customers to build on or rearrange the pieces for limitless design options. We will be including schematics to build some standard configurations, but we hope to inspire you to come up with your own unique complexes!

We use solid wood for the mounting planks and thick heavyweight canvas for the hammock. Brackets come attached for easy installation. All of our furniture also comes with screws for mounting.

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